Just a minor rant pertaining to my last reblog.

Eating disorders aren’t about how other people perceive you. They’re about how your brain perceives your body and how you react to the warped perception. 

You can tell someone a thousand times that they have an amazing body and are beautiful and you love them just the way they are. Saying “I don’t care that your thighs touch” will just remind them of their perceived imperfections. 
You may think you’re helping, but you’re just reinforcing the idea that there is a certain way a body is supposed to look and assuming that they are trying to impress you.  

When suffering from an eating disorder, one does not suddenly realize that they are hurting themself and their thoughts are unhealthy. Likewise, one does not wake-up one day and decided to hate their body. Society plays a huge role.

Don’t get me wrong, the sentiment of that last post was fantastic. It just reinforces the idea that a women must be trying to impress a man and has no other reasoning to worry about how she looks.

If you know someone with an eating disorder, tread carefully. This may sound pessimistic, but it’s the truth. Something that you may think is helpful might just be the last thing someone needs to hear while suffering from such a disorder. 

(If you have any experience with EDs and would like to address something I have said, please send it to my askbox. I welcome responses from people with firsthand experience since I am only speaking from an outside place and I apologize if there is anything I have said that is incorrect.)